Together with our experience allows us to do almost any type of new elevator jack holes installation; from installing new steel casing, drilling moderate rock, drilling out failed steel casings, and drilling through wood and concrete pilings. K.M. McRae Drilling Inc. is the team to call, especially when someone else can’t finish the job or can’t get your elevator jack holes plumbed. Elevator Jack Holes places the system into the hole. However, the hole must be continuously plumbed, centered and to the required depth and in the proper place designated for the cylinder and casing. In most cases, there is less than a half degree of tolerance, so it is critical to ensure the elevator jack holes are plumb, and remain plumb.K.M. McRae Inc. can also do test drilling, sampling and can open up a 2′ diameter hole to 5′ diameter for environmental clean ups. 90% of our fleet of equipment runs on bio-degradable hydraulic oil, and are powered by electricity, so there are no fumes created when working inside a building. As small as they are, they are probably one of the best in the world, for the tasks they perform. We’ve used it to assist in removing old steel casings that were in the ground 30-40 years, mostly 20″ diameter, up to 80′. See more photos.
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