K.M. McRae Inc. is a family owned and operated business with more than 60 years of drilling experience. Originally founded in 1954 by our father Ken McRae Sr. to service the drilling needs for many businesses throughout the Bay Area of California, K.M. McRae Inc. has developed into a diverse drilling business with vast capabilities.

As a licensed and insured business, we have the experience and capability to perform for you. From ground hydraulic elevator shaft drilling, new construction, to temporary construction dewatering wells, to drilling systems for pipelines, vaults, bore pits, piers or caissons for foundations, shafts for beams, and test drilling; we can help resolve your underground drilling associated challenges, including helping you find whatever you need for your project even if we cannot assist you! K.M. McRae Inc. takes the preparation time your project deserves by doing as much site research and investigation possible before we arrive to ensure we are prepared to deliver the safest, highest quality results for each of our clients. We might not be the biggest drilling business out there, but our names are on the equipment and we have the heart, drive, and professionalism to get the job done and satisfy the needs of our clients. We believe that knowledge and understanding is important, so we try to share our knowledge with our clients so you have a better understanding of the work we do and why we need to do it.

K.M. McRae Inc. has developed tried and true drilling methods many competitors have never heard of, and it’s made us the best we can be. Although we have primarily specialized in ground hydraulic elevator shaft drilling for almost 30 years; we service almost all drilling needs including large conductor holes, limited or extremely tight access projects and well abandonment just to name a few. Some jobs are very easy, and others are complicated and very challenging, but no matter what size the job, K.M. McRae Inc. prides ourselves in doing a great job every time!