At K.M. McRae Inc., we have over 60 years of experience to perform a vast number of contract drilling  services that will help resolve your underground drilling associated challenges. From ground hydraulic elevator shaft drilling, new construction, to temporary construction dewatering wells, to drilling systems for pipelines, vaults, bore pits, piers or caissons for foundations, shafts for beams, and test drilling just to name a few; we are ready to help! We are ready to partner with you and get your input to ensure we get the job done right, with no surprises, which could impact our work.

We take great pride in having the ability to perform various types of drilling operations; including standard drilling, limited access, and specialized projects. We’ve been challenged throughout the years by many different drilling conditions which we’ve had to overcome by creating many tools, methods and procedures to get the job done. By applying some of our tried and true methods and procedures, we’re able to quickly overcome and solve almost any drilling problem. Our team of knowledgeable, experienced staff has been with K.M. McRae Inc. for many years, which means they can often make a difficult project look very easy. As a team, we always meet prior to the beginning of a project and review the site to determine how we think the project should best be handled, but always ask and consider additional input to ensure we get the job done right. Our crews typically work as a two-man team, but depending upon the project, scope and site-specific conditions; we can add additional staff to ensure you have the right-sized team of skilled crew members to service your needs! Regardless of the size of your project, we always send a support truck or tool/service truck along with the drilling equipment so we are able to make modifications daily as needed.