We can access through confined areas and inside buildings to accomplish work.

Doing elevator operations in such small spaces throughout the years has helped provide us with the experience and education to come up with some very unique practices, means, and methods. We have become very resourceful at completing limited access drilling jobs through confined areas and inside buildings.

Amazing what you can do with just a few inches of space in a 12′ high garage, with an 11′ 6″ Low Drill. The Low Drill was set up with an exhaust scrubber but for safety we still hooked up a flexible exhaust hose and ran it outside; all the while there was a fully operational gaming casino above us while we worked for 3 weeks to finish the job, without any complaints!

These are a couple of our custom shop designed and fabricated limited access drilling units. The upper one is a version of our 4 rail mounted drill units, specifically designed for inside new elevator and elevator repair projects.
The lower drill unit is our “Mini Me” portable drill unit, similar to a bucket drill unit, however much smaller and compact. Both run off remote power units, like 90% of our fleet runs & has run for over 10 years, on bio-degradable hydraulic fluid. Most power units are electric but a couple are gas or diesel powered.

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