A foundation pier hole will stand open to receive the cages and concrete. A steel casing can be installed and removed, or use of a slurry (drilling fluid) as needed. Dewatering upon concrete installation. These application are based on the soil and conditions site specific. An example of this would be if we encountered unstable soil conditions and groundwater, such as loose sands or gravels, and ground water. Holes that are drills will collapse unless these conditions are secure by these different means. Not all foundation pier holes need casing or slurry. This can be applied to “shoring” and “Solar Power

Foundation Pier Hole Project Locations

Our crews can be found all around Northern California including Sacramento and parts of Nevada.

36″ diameter drilled piers for the building foundation of the John Swette High School Auditorium addition. We used a Watson 2100 Drill Rig to complete the project.
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“Specialized Drilling Operation”