We can drill for your shoring needs and in many cases, we can use our truck mounted equipment to set your beams in place without having to use a crane. This is a very cost effective method for many types of shoring applications like a retaining wall.

Drilling for Shoring

Soldier Beam Retaining Wall for the Woodside High School Track Field. They needed a temporary retaining wall to support the track while the new retaining wall was being installed.

Foundation Pier for a retaining wall

Foundation Pier for a retaining wall. Just finished a 30′ x 24″ drilled pier, lowering rebar cage in at Hoover Middle School, under trees in the main driveway. This was done on a Friday afternoon, and completed in time for school to start on Monday without any interruption.

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“Specialized Drilling Operation”
Foundation Piers & Caissons for: