Providing a better ride, one steel casing removal at a time

In some cases where there is existing casing in the ground from an old elevator, a new elevator is installed with the center line offset so the existing casing is not usable and must be extracted in order to meet the new location. The center line is where the cylinder needs to be placed, so with an offset center line, the elevator may not have the smoothest ride, quality or balance. With over 60 years in the drilling business, we have removed and reinstalled many PVC and steel cases. With a reinstalled steel case and plumb elevator cylinder properly centered to the rails, K.M. McRae Inc. can help give your elevator a better ride quality, balance, and prevent a lot less maintenance over time!

casing install and removal

Existing elevator jack casing extraction. In cases where the existing jack hole has to be relocated, we have the capability to extract steel casing from the ground to better accept the new hydraulic plunger.

Again removing an old steel casing which was not plumb and needed to be removed in order for the new P.V.C. and cylinder to be installed correctly This is an example of the Elevator Jack Hole modification service we can provide.

We have quite a few different means and methods for steel casing removal. Here we used 2 x 50 ton jacks, operated by an electric over hydraulic porta-power system. This is an example of Elevator Jack Hole relocation service we can provide.

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