Building foundations are really drilled piers and caissons, which gives a building the structural support it needs, especially in known seismic (earthquake) zones. We started off years ago drilling building foundations; but with over 60 years of experience, communication, cooperation and execution using upgraded equipment, we’ve found that K.M. McRae Inc. really gets the job done quickly and safely.

Building Foundations Construction Locations

Located in the Bay Area, California; KM McRae can perform building foundations work anywhere in California and parts of Nevada.  Call us today!

Building Foundations
36″ diameter drilled piers for the building foundation of the John Swette High School Auditorium addition. We used a Watson 2100 Drill Rig to complete the project.

Woodside High School Bulding Foundation Drilled Pier Project. 100 drilled piers sprouting from the ground to complete foundation.

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