The current laws in the state of the California restrict pumping even “non-contaminated” clean water directly into a storm drain or sewer prior to pumping through a dewatering systems tank to promote settlement of silts, sands or unknown. We are able to setup complete dewatering systems for deep excavation including sampling, testing fluids and filtration as required. With our team, we are able to get almost any tank or capacity tank available, from 630 gallons up to 21,000 gallons in a single tank. Any site requiring the discharge of ground water can use this service. We also offer discharge permits and tank cleaning upon construction project completion. You have to have a discharge permit to allow drainage into a sanitary sewer or storm drain.  Our administrative support will acquire your discharge permits in a timely fashion.  We can work as a liaison between the owner, developer, or general contractor to expedite the process; and avoid shutdowns or delays…  No permit, no discharge.

You may need to work with the local agency as well as the State Water Resource Board.   We have the team that will work with you and for you; representing your interests on your behalf to try to stay out ahead and comply with both.  We have the capability to gather samples, have them analyzed, and in most cases work with our filtration team to lower any contamination levels to acceptable discharge levels.

Dewatering Systems

Dewatering Systems Settlement Tank – For smaller projects.

Dewatering settlement (for larger projects) tanks- 21,000 gallon tank used for a dewatering project. Finishing off plumbing of two wells pumping into a tank.

Some wells and plumbing for a new vault on the backside of this building.  Setting up the parameter system from the temporary dewatering wells, to the settlement tank, then out to an approved, permitted discharge point, into the storm drain or sanitary sewer.   We pride ourselves installing good well constructed clean pumping wells to minimize subsidence, remove the water minimizing additional sand filters as well as keeping tank cleaning costs at lower levels.

Settlement tank used to settle out any fines which may have entered the tank, before it can be released into the storm drain. We pride ourselves on installing good temporary dewatering wells, which produce a great deal of water and very few fines, if any, and also helps keep cleaning costs down.  This also helps to minimize subsidence and  additional sand filters.

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