We are often asked to provide new elevator cylinder jack holes inside existing buildings. We have seven different limited access drill units for different access requirements, limitations, and soil conditions. We pride ourselves on being able to do what most companies wouldn’t even consider.

new elevator

Low Drill used for Limited Access Drilling. Amazing what you can do with just a few inches of space in a 12′ high garage, with an 11′ 6″ Low Drill. The Low Drill was set up with an exhaust scrubber but for safety we still hooked up a flexible exhaust hose and ran it outside; all the while there was a fully operational gaming casino above us while we worked for 3 weeks to finish the job, without any complaints!

McRail Mounted Drill Unit

Working inside an elevator pit installing steel casing using our exclusive “McRail Mounted Drill Unit.” We built the McRail Mounted Drill Unit specifically to help give us easy access to clean out holes where older elevator cylinders had no protective P.V.C. casing. Without the protective P.V.C. casing that is found in newer elevator cylinders, most older cylinders corrode. After we created the first McRail Mounted Drill Unit, we continued improving it and making it better. Now we have 4 different units with 12,000 Ft. pounds of torque.

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